Tummelplatz Graz

public space competition

client . city of Graz
location . Graz (AU)
timing . 2023

program . public space, square, street

team . Kollektif, Artgineering

program . event space, terraces, raingarden

procedure . competition proposal

The Tummelplatz is a place for a multitude of users and functions, and it has also developed spatially very dynamically over the course of time: Building facades have shifted and square spaces have been reshaped. There was and is no such thing as the one and only Tummelplatz. The Tummelplatz is at the same time an old town square, a market place, a school forecourt, a much-loved guest garden, an urban living room and, on top of that, a lively transit space - above all for pedestrians and cyclists, but also for local destination traffic and deliveries. The proposed design takes up these special features and does not create a square with adjoining alleys, but a sequence of characteristic open spaces, each with its own strong qualities and a clear, recognisable geometry. Here there is space for the various urban activities that enliven the Tummelplatz. These spaces are connected by a green-blue band consisting of various trees, desealed areas and rain gardens.

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