Design for earthly compagnionship, let’s (re)connect with nature. 

Our generation today faces an unprecedented decline in the abundance and diversity of our planet's natural resources. In our projects, we try to find an answer to the often human-centred and instrumental perception of nature and take into account all types of life forms. The plant and animal species that inhabit a site and the multitude of relationships they maintain provide an entry point for spatial interventions. We are convinced that strengthening local plant and animal communities not only enhances local biodiversity, but also allows human users to establish deeper relationships with the natural world.

The interplay between time, scale and composition.

Our projects pursue simple and elementary compositions. Interventions that highlight existing qualities and local characteristics. Designs that bring structure while at the same time accommodating ecological succession and social dynamics. Although our projects aim to be subtle and simple, we strive for a strong identity and experiential value that stimulates the amazement for nature.

Collaborative learning and cocreation. We’re in this together.

Our projects emerge from a continuous interaction with residents, experts, organisations and governments. We see it as our mission to unite people around a shared project and contribute to a broader debate on sustainable and ecological transformation. Through our engagement in educational and research activities, we seek innovation and experimentation. Our collaborations and activities reflect the complexity of todays’ spatial challenges and try to push ecology higher on the urban agenda.

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