Kollektif is a landscape architecture studio based in Ghent (BE), founded by Björn Bracke and Joke Vande Maele.

We consider landscape architecture as a powerful tool to respond to the challenges of our age and enable positive change. We believe in inspirational places where people engage with the natural world to find joy and meaning. We work on both built and unbuilt outputs on different scale levels.

Since 2015 Kollektif developed a diverse portfolio including installations, gardens, parks and landscape strategies. In addition, Björn and Joke can each present over ten years of professional experience in landscape design, planning and urban design. We are engaged in research and education and try to root our work in theory and history in the fields of landscape architecture and urban design.

Kollektif won first prizes with the ‘water garden’ for the SFEER expo (2015) and  with the 'bicycle paradise' for the Ghent floralies (2019). In 2019, Kollektif was also selected as one of the promising designers by the Ghent city architect. In 2020 Björn was appointed the EMiLA Fellowship at Ecole nationale supérieure de paysage, a position annually awarded to an emerging or already established landscape architect. 

Björn Bracke (°1986)


2008  Bachelor of Architecture, St-Lucas, Ghent
2009  Universidad Polytechnica Valencia (Erasmus)
2010  MSc. Urbanism and Spatial planning, KU Leuven campus St-Lucas, Ghent
2015  Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, Erasmus Brussels University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Brussels
Ongoing    PhD in Architecture, KU Leuven, Faculty of Architecture


Scape Studio, New York (2015 - 2016), internship
OMGEVING, Antwerp (2010 – 2015, 2016-2021), project architect - associate
Ecole National Supérieur de Paysage, Versailles (2021-present), EMiLa fellowship – visiting lecturer
University of Leuven, Brussels (2020 – present), doctoral researcher P.PUL, Faculty of Architecture
Kollektif, Ghent (2015 – present), founder
School of Arts, Ghent (2021 – present), visiting lecturer

Joke Vande Maele (°1989)


2010  Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, School of Arts, Ghent
2011  Switching program Architecture, KU Leuven campus St-Lucas, Ghent
2014  MSc. Urbanism and Spatial planning, KU Leuven campus St-Lucas, Ghent


OMGEVING, Antwerp (2010), internship
OMGEVING, Antwerp (2010 – ongoing), project architect - associate
Kollektif, Ghent (2015 – present), founder
GECORO Tielt (2016-2020)
School of Arts, Ghent (2019 – present), visiting lecturer
GECORO Ghent (2020- present)


Leen Platteau - Landscape architect, stagiair 
Natan Van Loon - Landscape architect



Kollektif landscape studio
Jean Bethunestraat 8
9040 Sint-Amandsberg


+32 494 14 12 01 (Björn)
+32 498 18 76 91 (Joke)

Work adress

Coworking Hatch
Sassevaartstraat 46/bus 209
9000 Ghent

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